Chad Manderscheid has been a professional baker of home-style, whole-grain, wheat breads for over 30 years. He prefers to work with fresh-milled flour, which has a fresher, fuller flavor.  Having been freshly milled, the flour will retain more of the wheat's natural oils and other nutrients than otherwise.  This can cause challenges for a novice baker, because the amount of moisture in the flour is unpredictable, and therefore adjustments in the recipe must be made.  Only someone with experience (or a natural-born gift) can determine the changes that are necessary.  Thus, bread-baking is both an art and a science.  Chad has both the gift and the experience!  It is fascinating to watch him as he handles the dough to determine, by sight and feel, what needs to be done.

In the Albion Schoolhouse Bakery, Chad bakes fresh breads and dinner rolls.  He uses all-natural ingredients with no preservatives, artifical flavors, or other chemical ingredients.  The ingredient list is short and simple....the very same things his mother and grandmother used when making their breads: 100% whole wheat flour, water, oil, molasses or honey, salt, and yeast.

Currently, he does special-orders of wheat and several other breads, such as sour-dough and four different gluten-free recipes. He also can make custom pizza dough (also available gluten-free), rolls and dinner loaves, and birthday or wedding cakes for your family reunion or catered party. If you have a favorite recipe, he can do a batch of 100 loaves at a time.

If you are lucky enough to be in-residence during a special-order baking day, you are invited to come to the kitchen window in the dining room and observe, or put on an apron and get a hands-on lesson!

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